This WEMPE ship clock with battery-powered quartz movement is part of the completely reengineered BREMEN II Series and is available in four different editions. It easily opens in the front for easy battery exchanges. The clock face is 100mm in diameter and designed with white background and black numerals in either Roman or Arabic typeface which makes it easy to read the time.

WEMPE ship clocks of the BREMEN II Series are either embedded in colourlessly lacquered or chrome plated brass housing. No matter what version of the clock you order - you will receive a high-quality marine precision instrument that is an eye-catcher at sea and on land.

Instrument: Ship clock
Size of clock face: White clock face with black numerals
Material: Brass
Movement: Battery-powered quartz movement
Design of clock face: White clock face with black numerals
Quartz clock - Battery: 1 x Lady 1.5 Volt (technological standard description IEC : LR1 - ANSI : N)
Quartz clock - Frequency: 32.768 KHz
Quartz clock - Range of operating temperature: +4°C to +50°C'
Quartz clock - Rate accuracy: DIN 8325 ≤ 1 sec. per day