Spinlock ZS Carbon jammer. For ultimate load holding and least product weight. For lines 10-14mm.

 - Digitally modelled jaw surfaces hold high tech rope securely at its safe working load.
 - Improved performance on smaller diameter lines
 - Can be set up for Remote operation
 - Easy on-deck service access
 - Bonded version. Ideal solution for low profile side mounting on deck and spars. Can be bonded directly to deck or spar with carbon fibre. 
- Supplied unpainted for direct bonding
- Smaller and lighter than standard models
- Ceramic jaws available for use with ropes with blended covers; polyester and high tech fibres such as Aramid, Technora, Codura and Vectran
- High visibility handle printing available
 - Lines: 10mm - 14mm
 - Loads up to 4000kg
 - Weight: 880g

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