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SPINLOCK Deckvest 6D w/Fitted HRS System

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--Deckvest 6D marks a new era for Spinlock and its popular Deckvest lifejacket range. Following feedback and review the Spinlock design team have worked hard to develop yet again the latest in lifejacket technology and a step-change in product development.

Adjustment has been the biggest design focus developing a new buckle and adjuster system to ensure the Deckvest 6D is simple and intuitive to fit, ensuring fast, easy donning.  A new buckle system, sized perfectly, passes through a soft durable front moulding, to be securely locked into place. Smooth running, wide adjuster buckles then allow for the perfect fit - whatever is being worn

Classic look - New Features

  • Change to one sizing - less SKUs
  • Improved fit on the shoulders - less adjustment needed and less chance of being badly fitted
  • Dual Webbing tidy retainers - keeps the Deckvest looking sleek
  • Improved Quick Buckle and side adjusters – less adjustment, more intuitive
  • Back adjustment to fit all sizes and lift away from the neck
  • Progressive design, materials and colours
  • Clean design finish, sharp detailing, laser-cut holes for a precision finish
  • Easy attachment for safety line clip 
  • Fit with the Harness Release System (HRS) 
  • Strong, bold, unique colour palette - 4 colour options
  • Durable fabrics
  • Increased reflectivity on cover
  • Simple leg strap with storage pocket
  • Improved opening for QBZ zip – less likely to snag
  • Maintained the unique Deckvest shape  - a great fit for both men and women
  • Overall weight reduction
  • Made at Spinlock production facility, Cowes Isle of Wight
  • 5-year warranty


On the Inside

  • Moved firing head to back of bladder– protects the firing head and reduces snagging and risk whilst inflated
  • Short cylinder improves the fit and comfort of the jacket
  • More structured sprayhood – with better storage and access
  • New Lume-On Light for enhanced visibility
  • Pylon Light - unique to Spinlock
  • UMLs latest Elite Firing Head
  • 170N or 275N Buoyancy

What is HRS?

Spinlock still considers a knife to be an essential piece of carried equipment. However, we have yet to develop a reliable consistent safety line clip release system. Instead, we are focused on developing a release system of the actual lifejacket harness. Testing showed that the harness release system needed to be simple to understand, simple to use and simple to maintain as well as reliable over the lifetime of the lifejacket. At the same time, the harness release system must meet the requirements of the ISO12402 approval.

The Spinlock Harness Release System (HRS) is a new innovation which enables the wearer to disconnect from the safety line by releasing a lever behind the soft loop safety line attachment point of the lifejacket harness.

Staying connected to the boat is undoubtedly safer than being in the water and use of a safety line is actively encouraged. However, in the event of a fall overboard, a casualty can find themselves being dragged/trapped alongside or behind the vessel. A situation which can be hard to be released from.

Read more about the HRS development here.

• Activation handle located behind soft loop, easy to locate, grab and pull
• Soft loop attachment released and open
• User separated from safety line and boat
• Easily reset to use again