The Sanisplit is an automatic pumping unit which transfers water from the toilet to the collection tank irrespective of gradient so also serves showers and washbasins. The Sanisplit has a powerful and silent centrifugal pump. It is controlled by a pressure switch which starts the pump as soon as the water arrives in the unit?s collection tank.

The removable part of the Sanisplit containing the pump and the pressure switch can be rapidly disengaged from the fixed part with collection tank which makes maintenance quick and clean.

A oneway valve prevents the pumped water from returning to the unit.

Patented SPLIT system: the motor pump can be easily replaced or dismounted without disconnecting the hose connections.

Power Options: 12V, 24V, 230V
Box material: Plastic
Color: White
Weight 8,0 Kg (fully assembled)
Max grey water temperature 100øC
Not submergible (IP55).
Max Pump Peformance: 270 L/min
Max vertical head 11 Metres
Max horizontal pumping distance: 90 Meters

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