Firm Grip, Precision Control – Ronstan Batlestick™ telescopic tiller extensions provide the highest level of control, for quick, decisive helm response in every situation. The Evalon® Grip is a firm non-slip grip material that does not absorb water. End knob for safety and positive hand positioning. Large grip diameter contrasts erganomically with mainsheet diameter to relieve fatigue. Tubes have a black anodised finish for corrosion protection. Urethane Universal Joint provides smooth, uniform rotation in all directions and a quick, firm reponse to steering movements.

Available in three lengths.

•Dinghy and small catamarans

•Evalon® grip
•Alloy tube
•Urethane universal joint

Tube Ø: 16.0 + 20.0 mm
Grip Ø: 30.0 mm

Available Lengths:
•1530 - 2490 mm
•740 - 1210 mm
•1070 - 1770mm