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MARLOW Hot Knife with Box & Blade

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$421.25 - $483.00
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Marlow hot knife for cutting and heat-sealing ropes in one stroke. Use in conjunction with Marlow Tape for a perfect clean, neat cut that also prevents rope/braid from fraying. Supplied in a handy carry case with a metal bristled cleaning brush. This hot knife is perfect for cutting all types of synthetic ropes up to about 18mm diameter.

Marlow's new cordless hot knife cuts and heat-seals ropes quickly and efficiently with the blade reaching a temperature of 400°c in seconds.  Supplied in a handy carry case and includes a 1 x KD-DC100R Handle, 1 x brush, 1 x battery pack 14.4V/2.0Ah, 1 x Battery Charger

Comes either corded or cordless

Cutting, Splicing,

Easy to use, Perfect finish when cutting ropes,