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Strong aluminum jib leads deflect jib sheets to winches, preventing overrides. These jib leads have two small drilled holes through which a loop can be spliced to attach the hobble. This temporarily secures the jib/genoa clew to free-up a winch for mark roundings.

Length (mm)
75 mm

Length (in)
2 15/16 in

Width (mm)
22 mm

Width (in)
7/8 in

Height (mm)
37 mm

Height (in)
1 7/16 in

Maximum line Ø (mm)
12 mm

Maximum line Ø (in)
1/2 in

Weight (g)
84 g

Weight (oz)
2.97 oz

Fasteners (mm)
6 CH, 6 HH, 6 SH mm

Fasteners (in)
1/4 SH in

Fastener spacing (mm)
55 mm

Maximum working load (kg)
680 kg

Maximum working load (lb)
1500 lb