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HAMMA Snap Shackle (Spike)

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hamma™ Triggerlatch Snapshackles are a direct copy of the long discontinued universally popular Navtec Norseman Gibb design.

The triggerlatch design facilitates the snapshackle to open under load by inserting a fid or spike into the release aperture. This feature makes foredeck crewing much easier and safer.

Triggerlatch snapshackles are available in 3 sizes with the additional option of a larger bail size.

The spike release under load feature makes these snapshackles eminently suitable for spinnaker sheets and guys

The Hamma brand is rapidly becoming recognised as a mark of quality for marine grade stainless steel components fit for the demands of modern day yachting.

The Hamma manufacturing facility in Thailand has over 550 employees including 60 highly skilled engineers who specialise in the design and production of marine tensile stainless steel solutions.

hamma™ stainless steel components are all produced under strict quality control procedures in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality control, complemented by ISO17025 certification.

Standard Bail Size Throat Width Bail Width Thickness Length MBL
HM-901-01S Size 1 14mm 14mm 8mm 64.5mm 2000kg
HM-901-02S Size 2 22mm 20mm 11mm 99.5mm 3600kg
HM-901-03S Size 3 28mm 25.4mm 12mm 117mm 5650kg