The folding mooring cleat from Nomen provides the benefits of flush and rigid cleats to aesthetic perfection.

  • Loose lines cannot get caught during maneuvering.
  • The danger of injury at sea is reduced.
  • The cleat is easy to fit to the deck.

The patented folding mechanism with the simple elastic ball is fail-safe and lends a charm all of its own.

Cleat Details

Size Length over all Rope Ø
Cleat 200 240 mm/9,5 inch 16mm
Cleat 250 300 mm/11,7 inch 18mm
Cleat 300 360 mm/14,2 inch 22mm
Cleat 400 480 mm/18,9 inch 28mm
Cleat 500 600 mm/23,6 inch 36mm

Mounting the Nomen Cleat

Mounting the Nomen Cleat is as easy as to mount any simple standard cleat. You just drill three holes, tighten three screws and then fix the cleat arms without any tools – thats it!

NOTE: These are special order items and will need to be ordered in upon request