The Carbo Ratchamatic Power3 is a load-sensing ratchet block that rolls freely in both directions under low loads and automatically engages the ratchet as loads increase. Shifting between ratchet and light-air modes is seamless. Ratchamatic blocks are now  available in three different holding powers.

Power3 ratchet blocks have one-design sailors covered with three holding-power options that best suit the day’s wind and wave conditions. More ratchet choices allow sailors to fine-tune their set-ups in tandem with the purchase that provides the ideal level of power, responsiveness, and grip.

Standard 10:1 Holding Power: Black
Harken’s standard 10:1 ratchet (100 lb of force requires only 10 lb of holding power) is a great choice for medium or light-air days where it is vital to ease and trim the sheet smoothly and often. This ratchet is friendly to any type of line.

15:1 Holding Power: Titanium
The 1.5x ratchet has a holding power of 15:1, or 1.5 times that of the standard ratchet. Use in breezy, puffy conditions to boost holding power and to ease quickly when a puff hits. Depending on line composition and cover texture, the more aggressive sheave facets can increase line wear.

20:1 Holding Power: Silver
The 2x ratchet has a holding power of 20:1 or twice that of the standard block. Use in strong, steady wind where holding power is mandatory. The 2x ratchet provides the most aggressive grip on any size line or type.

-Sheave Ø (mm) - 57 mm
-Sheave Ø (in) - 2 1/4 in
-Length (mm) - 103 mm
-Length (in) - 4 1/16 in
-Weight (g) - 104 g
-Weight (oz) - 3.7 oz
-Shackle pin Ø (mm) - 5 mm
-Shackle pin Ø (in) - 3/16 in
-Maximum line Ø (mm) - 10 mm
-Maximum line Ø (in) - 3/8 in
-Maximum working load (kg) - 227 kg
-Maximum working load (lb) - 500 lb
-Breaking load (kg) - 907 kg
-Breaking load (lb) - 2000 lb
-Holding power w/180 degree wrap 50 lb (23 kg) - 10:1