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CALYPSO Ultrasonic Portable Solar wind meter

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Bluetooth, Solar Powered, pocket-sized ULTRASONIC anemometer.
Small and robust, get instant wind speed and direction....or track it!. Built with ULTRASONIC sensors, with no moving parts to make it robust and dependable, the Ultrasonic Portable is a wind meter that measures both speed and direction, allowing data logging via a free app. Thanks to its small size and light weight, the Ultrasonic Portable wind meter can be used both as a handheld and/or as a stand-alone wind meter what makes it a versatile instrument of great value on a wide range of industries and applications.

 Easy to mount, easy to use.

Just unbox it, screw it to your favourite setup or to one of our mounting accesories, download the app....and ready! Its simplicity has encouraged many users to find its own way of using it and our "open protocol" policy has definitely helped. Many app developers and OEMs have made the Ultrasonic portable compatible: weather apps, ballistics, marine piece of hardware but many different apps/displays!. Check our mounting accessories: mast mount, mounting poles or tripod adapter.

ZERO cable tolerance : Wireless and Self Powered.
No power cords
: its solar cell makes the Ultrasonic Portable self powered: Up to 30 days of continuous operation in the dark and over a year in sleep mode.

No data wires, but connectable to your network: its bluetooth connection avoids the hassle of wiring it to a display. Still, if you want to connect the Ultrasonic Portable to a display or network, you can use one of our gateways: the NMEA Connect Plus gets the Portable Bluetooth signal and converts it to a wired or NMEA0183 or NMEA2000 signal. It also relays the Bluetooth signal and casts NMEA0183 data via WiFi.


Get Anemotracker app for free!.

Despite the multiple apps available, we do provide a free app: Anemotracker. It will allow you to get wind speed and direction from your Ultrasonic Portable Mini and Ultrasonic Portable Solar anemometers. You can also save your wind meter data when tracking. It includes 4 different modes : Marine, Golf, Meteo and Ballistics.

It will provide you with :

  • Apparent wind speed and direction.

  • Real wind speed and direction (if used on a vehicle or boat).

  • Tracking of your wind data and exportation via excel or Google Earth. 

  • Available upgrade to the latest firmware version from the App-This new add-on will let the user to upgrade the Ultrasonic Portable to  the latest firmware version from Anemotracker app.

  • Wind direction adjustable damping.

  • Velocity Made Good calculations.

  •  New derived data: stylish graphs with Means and deviations.

  • Configuration from the units of measure: m/s, km/h, Kt.

  •  Threshold alarm, direction offset, map mode, etc...