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New Harken Element - The Most Wallet Efficient Harken Blocks

New Harken Element - The Most Wallet Efficient Harken Blocks

When developing the Element line, Harken engineers first stared at this question: How do you deliver Harken design quality at a price competitive with other “value price” products already on the market?

The answer is in the name—Element. Harken engineers stripped away everything that wasn’t a building block of durability or strength. Then they combined a proven bearing system with the strength of forged aluminum sculpted to protect the fiber-reinforced nylon sheave. The result is a contemporary, economical, and extraordinarily durable block.

Element is for all sailors, whether they’re cruising the bay, rendezvousing with friends, competing in the weeknight rum race, or embarking on a passage-making adventure.

Element blocks introduce sideplates that combine forged aluminum and compound curves for strength. They are simultaneously contemporary and very robust. Element’s design pairs the minimum amount of metal required to protect the sheave with a proven journal bearing. So size for size, Element is priced significantly lower, than our previously least expensive blocks.

Compare our Element range to plain bearing blocks from competitors. You will be surprised at how well they perform...  At the checkout counter and on the water!

Sideplates are hardcoat-anodized to resist corrosion. A tough composite bearing sheave resists corrosion for a long service life.

The Element range includes a full line up of single, double, triple and fiddle blocks, with or without cam cleats.

Follow the story of the development of the Element blocks at the link below:

A limited range of Element blocks are available now! View them Here

The full range will be available around the end of April.


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