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Marlow Ropes

Marlow Ropes

Fosters is the NZ Distributor for The Marlow range of high performance ropes.

Marlow have been manufacturing ropes for over 200 years. In 1957, Marlow were the first company to manufacture synthetic fibre ropes specifically designed for the yachting industry. Since that time Marlow's innovations and developments have led the world - from specialist ropes for the British military to ground breaking technologies in grand prix yacht racing. 

Today, marlow specialise in the use of exotic synthetic fibres such as Vectran, Zylon, Technora, Nomex and Twaron and are a key partner with DSM Dyneema, designing specialist lines from Dyneema SK99, SK78, SK75, SK38, DM20 and XBO.

Marlow make ropes to suit all types of boats. From high performance racing dinghies to cruising keelboats from halyards to dock lines, our quality Marlow range has a rope to suit your needs.

Check out our Marlow range here

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