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Power Up Your Ratchet Blocks with Harken Power3

Power Up Your Ratchet Blocks with Harken Power3

Is the wind steady and strong? Breeze-on with puffs? Or is the air light to medium? 57 mm Power3 ratchet blocks have one-design sailors covered with three holding-power options that best suit the day’s wind and wave conditions. More ratchet choices allow sailors to fine-tune their set-ups in tandem with the purchase that provides the ideal level of power, responsiveness, and grip.

“The standard black ratchet has been a wonderful all-purpose choice for years. With the Power3 we wanted to offer skippers of Optis, Moths, Lasers, and other one-designs optimal control in a broader range of conditions,” said Matt Schmidt, lead engineer of the project. “Harken now offers sailors three ratchet choices with 10:1, 15:1, or 20:1 holding power*. This allows skippers to synchronize their rigging selections and sailing style to whatever the weather has in store for them on race day.”

Standard Holding Power: BLACK

Harken’s standard 10:1 ratchet (100 lb of force requires only 10 lb of holding power) is a great choice for medium or light-air days where it is vital to ease and trim the sheet smoothly and often. This ratchet is friendly to any type of line.

1.5 x Holding Power: TITANIUM


The 1.5x ratchet has a holding power of 15:1, or 1.5 times that of the standard ratchet. Use in breezy, puffy conditions to boost holding power and to ease quickly when a puff hits. Depending on line composition and cover texture, the more aggressive sheave facets can increase line wear.

2.0 x Holding Power: SILVER

The 2x ratchet has a holding power of 20:1 or twice that of the standard block. Use in strong, steady wind where holding power is mandatory. The 2x ratchet provides the most aggressive grip on any size line or type.

Power3 ratchets are available in 57 mm switchable, shackled Ratchamatic, and T2 soft-attach Ratchamatic configurations. All Power3 ratchets may be purchased individually. Switchable ratchets are also available in two-packs of 1.5x and 2x.

*Measured with 180-degree wrap.

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