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Harken GP Catamaran Mainsheet System

Harken GP Catamaran Mainsheet System

Harken Introduces High-Efficiency Ceramic Mainsheet Systems for GP Catamarans. Easily Assembled into 10:1, 11:1, 12:1 Configurations

Harken’s New Grand-Prix mainsheet systems are critically important options for high-performance beachcats like the Nacra 17 or F18s. The high-efficiency blocks making up these systems feature insert-molded ceramic bearings that almost eliminate rolling resistance, greatly improving power transfer to the crew for easy, precise trimming.

“We optimized the Grand-Prix cat mainsheet system for weight and efficiency using ceramic bearings rather than Harken’s Carbo ball bearing technology,” said Small Boat Project Manager Matt Schmidt. “Ceramic ball bearings are extremely hard, lightweight, and smooth rolling, greatly reducing rolling resistance in these high-purchase systems. This efficient power transfer to the crew makes it much easier for them to make the adjustments needed to win when racing these powerful cats at the top level.”

These compact blocks feature hardcoat-anodized sideplates that envelop composite sheaves. They are designed to be easily convertible into 10:1, 11:1, or 12:1 configurations, depending on wind, or crew preference. The system profile is the lowest on the market by far. High-performance fairing increases aerodynamic flow and protects the crew and blocks from impact damage.

The lower block features a built-in cam arm that infinitely adjusts by loosening two screws with a hex wrench. A single ratchet sheave in the bottom block ensures release is controlled and smooth. A snap shackle attaches the block to the boom. A swivel shackle attaches to the traveler. All necessary parts and reeving instructions are included

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