Wykeham Martin Furling Gear
In continuous production for over 100 years, this traditional
furling gear has been successfully fitted to thousands of boats
worldwide. Cast in bronze from the original patterns, the
parts are carefully machined, polished and assembled by
English craftsmen to produce a beautiful and efficient furling
system. Fitted with stainless steel thrust races to ensure free
running and easy sail furling.
Model 3B Pictured

Model: 1
Max Sail Area Approx: 5 sqm
Swivel Length: 72mm
Toggle Width: 10mm
Toggle Pin Dia: N/A
Eye-Eye Length: 85mm
Drum Outer Dia: 62mm

Model: 2B
Max Sail Area Approx: 10 sqm
Swivel Length 100mm
Toggle Width: 18mm
Toggle Pin Dia:11mm
Eye-Eye Length: 100mm
Drum Outer Dia: 85mm

Model: 3B
Max Sail Area Approx: 20 sqm
Swivel Length 110mm
Toggle Width: 20mm
Toggle Pin Dia:12mm
Eye-Eye Length: 135mm
Drum Outer Dia: 95mm

Model: 4B
Max Sail Area Approx: 35 sqm
Swivel Length 150mm
Toggle Width: 28mm
Toggle Pin Dia:16mm
Eye-Eye Length: 165mm
Drum Outer Dia: 150mm