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WEMPE Quartz Tide Clock 150mm Ø (BREMEN II Series)

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The WEMPE tide clock is a new product in the BREMEN II Series and is driven by a battery-powered quartz movement. It is a ship clock that displays not only time but also the rhythm of the tides. It is important at sea as well as in costal regions, as tidal movements have impact on everyday life.

The WEMPE quartz ship clock with tide index is 150mm in diameter with white clock face and Arabic numerals in black. The enclosure can easily be opened to the front for battery exchanges and is available with either chrome plated or colourlessly lacquered brass housing.

Instrument: Tide clock
Size of clock face: White clock face with black numerals
Material: Brass
Movement: Battery-powered quartz movement
Scale: Arabic numerals, Tide index
Design of clock face: White clock face with black numerals
Quartz clock - Battery: 1 x Lady 1.5 Volt (technological standard description IEC : LR1 - ANSI : N)
Quartz clock - Frequency: 32.768 KHz
Quartz clock - Range of operating temperature: +4°C to +50°C'
Quartz clock - Rate accuracy: DIN 8325 ≤ 1 sec. per day