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WEMPE Barometer Brass 95mm Ø (PIRATE II Series)

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The WEMPE barometer of the PIRATE II Series impresses with simple elegance and precise measuring of atmospheric pressure which is clearly displayed on the white clock face. It is an indispensable instrument at sea, as is assists in reliable weather forecasting for up to 48 hours.

The barometer is embedded in a high-quality brass or chrome plated enclosure. The size of this WEMPE barometer is 95mm in diameter and 36mm in height. The clock face is 61mm in diameter. Atmospheric pressure is displayed in hPa/mmHg.

Instrument: Barometer
Size of clock face: White clock face with black numerals
Material: Brass
Movement: Barometer
Scale: Atmospheric pressure in hPa/mmHg
Design of clock face: White clock face with black numerals
Barometer - Accuracy: +/- 3 hPa between 980 – 1030 hPa'
Barometer - Measuring range: 940 to 1060 hPa, 700 to 790 mmHg
Barometer - Number of aneroid capsules: 1
Barometer - Range of operating temperature: +4°C to +50°C'
Barometer - Temperature error: +/- 3 hPa at sudden change in temperature of +/- 10°C'