Tef-Gel is the perfect jointing compound for fasteners being used in dissimilar metals, such as stainless fasteners in aluminum masts, spars and tracks.

•Eliminates Corrosion between dissimilar metals
•Prevents Galling of Stainless Steel
•Acts as an Anti Seize Lubricant.All Grades Stainless Steel & Aluminium •No dissimilar metal corrosion
•Lubricates for serviceability
•Prevents Corrosion, without impeding electrical current
•No blistering paint
•No rust stains
•No fretting & galling of stainless threads

Tef-Gel™ is derived from a specially formulated Teflon® paste & is used in high corrosive environments to ensure serviceability & presentation of assembled hardware.

Comes in a 20cc syringe with applicator brush.

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