The unique Smart Switch Deluxe Programmable Toilet Control was designed for all electric marine toilets. It is also suited to most Plumbing, Toilets, Tecma toilet models.
with remote, fresh or salt water flushing supply via an inlet pump or water solenoid valve. The stylish
control panel provides fully automatic programmed flushing when the auto touch pad is pushed or provides
independent operation of the inlet or discharge pumps for maintenance or line clearance when the manual
touch pads are used.
In-built troubleshooting features and toilet pump protection are standard. Other features include automatically
sensing your vessels supply voltage and self-adjusting to suit 12, 24 or 32-volt systems, protection from
radio interference and ZERO current draw.
With the built in intelligence this device will sense for toilet blockage, overheating, pump and valve short
circuit, & pump open circuit, automatically cut off and display an error code protecting your complete
This Model is truly versatile with two different timing sequences built in. This feature is user program
selectable ( Change modes in a flash).
Easy Installation and easy operation.
As with all Smart Switch products, the Deluxe Toilet Controller employs State of the Art Microcomputer
Technology. This, and the fact it is completely encapsulated in silicon, protecting the electronic components
from the harsh marine environment, guarantee long-term life & reliability.


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