Fewer components make this affordable furling system a favorite of cruising sailors. These furlers are quick to assemble and easy to use, while providing the same styling, durability, and low-maintenance bearing system of Harken’s MKIV line. Install an ESP furler and reef or furl safely from the cockpit when it blows; unfurl instead of motoring when it’s light for a great day of sailing.

Various length Leg kits adjust drum height to clear anchor, increase visibility, or bring sail closer to deck. (LEG KITS NOT INCLUDED)

Round foil withstands extreme reefing loads; furls more easily than flat foil shapes.

ESP Unit 0:
Typical boat length: 6-8.5m
Wire Size: 4mm - 5mm
Standard headstay length: 10.92m
Max Headstay Length: 12.92m