Small Boat Flip-Flop blocks pivot around the line axis to keep the line close to the deck. Hinged construction allows for various lead angles. Adjustable automatic ratchet mechanism allows sheave to freewheel when under light loads and automatically engages ratchet under heavy loads.

Sheave Ø (mm)
57 mm

Sheave Ø (in)
2 1/4 in

Length (mm)
110 mm

Length (in)
4 5/16 in

Width (mm)
50 mm

Width (in)
2 in

Height (mm)
66 mm

Height (in)
2 5/8 in

Weight (g)
156 g

Weight (oz)
5.5 oz

Maximum line Ø (mm)
10 mm

Maximum line Ø (in)
3/8 in

Maximum working load (kg)
227 kg

Maximum working load (lb)
500 lb

Breaking load (lb)
1000 lb