Harken 32mm Big Boat ball bearing traveller cars with multipart purchases allow easy adjustment of loaded sails from the cockpit. T2705B and T2705B.HL lightweight soft-attachment cars provide a variety of rigging solutions—athwartship jib or mainsheet systems, for example. Lash Carbo T2™ blocks to the car for traveller control. High Load cars are longer than standard cars and withstand significantly higher loads.

Length (mm)
188 mm

Length (in)
7 7/16 in

Width (mm)
85 mm

Width (in)
3 11/32 in

Height (mm)
50 mm

Height (in)
2 in

Weight (g)
834 g

Weight (oz)
29.42 oz

Maximum working load (kg)
2041 kg

Maximum working load (lb)
4500 lb

Breaking load (kg)
4081 kg

Breaking load (lb)
9000 lb

Minimum curved track radius (m)
5.49 m

Minimum curved track radius (ft)
18 ft