"In Boating circles there is a truism, that the most efficient bilge pump in the world is a frightened sailor wielding a bucket. Most times boating of any description is a pleasurable affair, but just occasionally there are times when, if the equipment you take for granted, lets you down, youre in trouble. Look at these main points and decide for yourself"

•54 litre per minute capacity (dependent on the motivation of the user)
•total weight is 3.175 kilograms and a compact size of 25.4cm x 15.5cm x 17.8cm
•With vertical or horizontal mounting, the light space saving profile makes the pump suitable for small runabouts or large yachts and cruisers.
•Additional features include provision for through deck mounting and the ability to alter the body to any of eight positions in relationship to the rear mount
•Fast opening inspection and clearance hatch for ready access to valves in case of blockage. It should be noted, however, that the design allows considerable through-put of foreign matter e.g. sand, fish-scales, wood chips etc.
•Light weight aluminium body, designed to resist corrosion. Components are die-cast from quality assured ingots of 12%silicon/aluminium alloy recommended for marine usage. A polyester powder marine coat finish assures even greater corrosion resistance
•A full range of spares is available and includes special kits for either a service job or a complete overhaul

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