The BEP ATC fuse holder includes the patented contour lock system (as used in all BEP battery management products.)This allows you to module as many fuse holders as you like together.

The advantage of this is that it allows you to link the inputs together, or split them apart to allow multiple power groups within one fuse holder eg: switched supply or 24 hour supply.

For the after market the modular system allows you to carry one part number instead of 3 or 4. The 6W-ATC also includes a clip on cover with label positions.

•Maximum Amperage per circuit-30Amps
•Maximum Amperage per block-100Amps
•Maximum voltage-32VDC
•Base material-Polycarbonate
•Cover Material-Clear polycarbonate

ATC Fuse Specifications:
•Fuses available 3-30Amps
•Interrupt capacity 1000Amps DC
•Maximum Voltage 32 Volts DC

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