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DAVEY Teak Blocks

SKU DAV0580/TK/060
Original price $307.45 - Original price $562.73
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$307.45 - $562.73
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Like all Davey wood blocks, this block features:
Bindings: Heavy gauge stainless steel.
Sheaves: Brass
Bearings: Roller bearings.
Shell: High quality untreated teak wood, formed into a handsome square-edged oval.
Maintenance: By removing outer bearing covers, the blocks can easily be disassembled for inspection and maintenance without damaging the wooden shell.

Please contact the store for availability before ordering


60mm - 
Rope size: 10mm 
Shell Length: 60mm 
Sheave: 30 x 12mm 
SWL: 1000kg

70mm - 
Rope size: 12mm 
Shell Length: 70mm 
Sheave :35 x 14mm 
SWL: 1300kg

80mm - 
Rope size: 14mm 
Shell Length: 80mm 
Sheave: 40 x 16mm 
SWL: 2000kg

105mm - 
Rope size: 18mm 
Shell Length: 105mm 
Sheave: 55 x 20mm 
SWL: 2200kg

120mm - 
Rope size: 20mm 
Shell Length: 120mm 
Sheave: 65 x 22mm 
SWL: 2500kg