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CAPTO is an intuitive device that combines a multi-functional rope grab, high-efficiency pulley, and integrated becket for easy hauling and ascending. Built around an innovative V-groove Cam, CAPTO is designed to handle rescue loads while providing force-limiting overload protection. CAPTO is available in gray for 10.5-11 mm (7/16 in) rope and red for 12.5-13 mm (1/2 in) rope. Both models are certified to NFPA General Use and the 11 mm CAPTO is also certified to EN 12841:2006/B (200 kg – two-person rescue load rating), EN 567:2013, and EN 12278:2007 (36 kN).

Compact, versatile, and easy to use, CAPTO is well-suited to a multitude of technical applications in personal and team-based systems for rescue and rope access. It replaces multiple devices in one, streamlining training and operations. Through its combination of features and built-in force-limiting capabilities, CAPTO provides technicians with a greater degree of safety and efficiency for hauling and ascending.




  • Multi-functional rope grab with a force-limiting V-groove Cam
  • High-efficiency, 44.5 mm (1.75 in) diameter sheave pulley
  • Integrated becket independent from rope loading / unloading
  • Moving sideplate with double-action release button
  • Hollow cam axle for accessory loop installation (3.9 mm diameter)
  • Ridged Cam Grip for one-handed device positioning


  • CAPTO 11 mm Gray:
    • NFPA
      • GENERAL USE (G), ROPE GRAB, Ø 10.5-11 MM
      • GENERAL USE (G), MBS 36 KN (8,093 LBF) PULLEY*, Ø 13 MM MAX
    • CE
      • EN 12841:2006/B; 200 KG, Ø 10.5-11 MM
      • EN 567:2013; Ø 10.5-11 MM
      • EN 12278:2007; 36 KN (18+18)*, Ø 13 MM MAX
  • CAPTO 13 mm Red:
    • NFPA
      • GENERAL USE (G), ROPE GRAB, Ø 12.5-13 MM
      • GENERAL USE (G), MBS 36 KN (8,093 LBF) PULLEY*, Ø 13 MM MAX

*Pulley strength testing performed by using CAPTO Becket as Pulley Attachment Point.