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Lubricants & Cleaning

Lubricants and Cleaners. Buy online with Fosters, the home of quality marine & boating equipment for over 100 years. Choose from cleaners, lubricants & polishes. Stockist of Grunt, Inox and Mclube.

At Fosters Chandlery, we understand that the smooth operation of your vessel is as vital as its structural integrity. That's why we stock an extensive range of marine lubricants, including the marine lubricant spray that NZ boat owners trust to protect and maintain their equipment. This isn't just any lubricant; it's a formula specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges posed by the marine environment.

Our selection doesn't just stop at variety; we focus on quality, offering the best marine lubricant spray on the market. It's the choice for those who seek a solution to combat rust, reduce wear, and ensure the seamless movement of parts even in salty, wet conditions. This best marine lubricant spray is favoured for its ability to provide lasting protection, ensuring that everything from hinges to engines remains in prime condition.

In the realm of marine maintenance, the effectiveness of your products makes all the difference. With Fosters Chandlery, rest assured you have access to premium marine lubricants that deliver results. Whether for leisurely sails or commercial voyages, equip yourself with the marine lubricant spray that stands up to the test of NZ's waters.

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