Glues & Sealants

Embarking on a marine maintenance or refurbishment project requires the right materials to ensure longevity and durability. At Fosters Chandlery, we provide the marine sealant that NZ sailors rely on for a watertight finish. Whether it's for above or below the waterline applications, our sealants are engineered to withstand the challenging marine conditions.

Our shelves are stocked with the finest marine epoxy glue, a must-have for any repair that demands high-strength bonding. This marine glue NZ boat owners love,  is renowned for its powerful adhesion and long-lasting resilience, making it ideal for a multitude of marine applications. It's the marine glue that doesn't just stick; it fuses materials for a bond that's as permanent as it is strong.

For specialised needs, we offer marine carpet glue and marine canvas glue, specifically formulated to resist the moisture and movement unique to the boating environment. The marine carpet glue ensures your decking surfaces remain non-slip and beautiful, despite the exposure to elements. Similarly, our marine canvas glue is the preferred choice for sail repairs and canvas fittings, providing a robust hold that sailors trust. With Fosters Chandlery, set sail confidently knowing your vessel is equipped with the best.

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