When you race HARD, and you rip through as many hoists and douses as we do sailing W-L legs all the time, you should expect to start wearing through the sideplates of your halyard exit block right? Wrong! Thanks to Harken Protexit™ blocks, wear from side angle loading is not inevitable. Protexit’s all-aluminum, wear-resistant housing carefully ushers line in and out no matter the angle. There’s more: Protexit blocks offer higher working loads than any small boat exit blocks we’ve ever made. Protexit aluminum sheaves rotate on sleeve bearings with Delrin® sideload balls so they don’t deform in extreme conditions, while reducing wear on the halyard, too. 

Delrin is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.


Sheave Ø (mm)60 mm
Length (mm)129 mm
Weight (g)179 g
Maximum line Ø (mm)12 mm
Fasteners (mm)6 FH mm
Fastener spacing (mm)105 mm
A (mm)24.3 mm
B (mm)84 mm
Maximum working load (kg)1200 kg
Breaking load (kg)2400 kg