NEW IN STORE: DrSails Epoxy Products

The newest product on our shelves is DrSails - a range of epoxy based products and accessories that have unique features, such as underwater bonding, permanent flexibility and fast curing times. These products are already being used by the world's most high profile sailors in the Olympics, Volvo Ocean Race, Vendee Globe & Barcelona World Race.

You never know when you’ll need to repair something, and for most two-part epoxy adhesives you’ll have to ferret around for some spare card and a stick to mix it. DrSails changes all that - their POCKET and MINPOCKET products are epoxy-in-a-bag, with a breakable seal separating the two parts of the epoxy. 

DrSails epoxy is flexible once it has cured, making it a great temporary repair for, yes you’ve guessed it, sails - and can also be used on wood, metal, neoprene and plastic.

Fosters is stocking both POCKET and MINIPOCKET, as well as a full range of repair kits. You can see the range here:



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