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Murray MW008 Worm Gear winch. Constructed in Manganese bronze of a robust design these winches also feature the Murray Top Cleat, mounted on the drum and eliminating the need for a separate cleat on the mast or coaming. Drums on all winches are designed to avoid overriding turns, but use of a fairlead eliminated this possibility entirely. All winches are reversible by simple changing pawl direction, and are sold complete with handle.

The most versatile 2-speed and reversible winch on the market. Proved by racing yachts such as Rainbow II and Young Nick, but especially suitable for cruising yachts short handed or requiring a high power ratio and safety features such as the ability to wind out over riding turns.

The smooth, powerful 40:1 worm gear is reversible and permits fingertip control when trimming or easing sheets. Over-rides are no longer a problem - with the sheet cleated on the top of the winch, unwind the winch a turn, the over-ride rolls out and wind the winch back in. What formerly took three people or bringing the boat into the wind, is now an easy one-handed operation.
The MW8 has been used as a primary sheet winch on boats up to 60'

Available - Polished Bronze only

1. Weight 14.1kgs (31lbs)
2. Minimum drum diameter 108mm (4 1/4"). Base size 200 x 150mm (8" x 6")
3. Drum height 70mm (2 3/4"). Overall height 165mm (6 1/2")
4. Ratchet Mechanical advantage 9 to 1 or with worm gear 130 to 1.
5. Ratchet Handle radius 470mm (18 1/2") Gear Handle 203mm (8")
6. Paw;s take up every 1/24 of a turn
7. Roller bearing mounted throughout for minimum friction and wear and maximum reliability.

Consider these advantages:
1. Robust construction with a reserve of power.
2. Ease of maintenance at sea.
3. Reversible safety and slot adjustment feature.
4. Ease of operation with the worm drive handle to be operated by the female or younger members of the crew.