Murray MW004X. Constructed in Manganese bronze of a robust design these winches also feature the Murray Top Cleat, mounted on the drum and eliminating the need for a separate cleat on the mast or coaming. Drums on all winches are designed to avoid overriding turns, but use of a fairlead eliminated this possibility entirely. All winches are reversible by simple changing pawl direction, and are sold complete with handle.

-Chrome Plated

1. Weight 5kgs (11lbs)
2. Minimum drum diameter 70mm (2 3/4"). Base diameter 140mm (5 1/2")
3. Drum height 44mm (1 3/4"). Overall height 114mm (4 1/2")
4. Mechanical advantage 8 1/2 to 1
5. Handle radius 381mm (15")
6. Pawls take up every 1/16 of a turn.