Kiwi yachtsman Graeme Kendall was the first person to sail the Northwest Passage solo non-stop. Sailing east to west, he knocked off the “Everest of sailing” in just 12 days - the fastest recorded - as part of his extraordinary solo circumnavigation of the globe.

This is a story of determination, meticulous planning and rugged courage. All alone for 193 days in his purpose-built yacht Astral Express, Kendall crossed 28,000 miles of ocean, facing some of the Earth’s most terrifying seas. An enthralling adventure, To The Ice And Beyond will inspire you to live your dreams, and to never give up.

"Eighteen thousand miles I had sailed to get here, solo in my yacht, since setting out from Auckland, New Zealand, almost at the opposite point on the globe. Now before me lay one of the great enigmas of sea exploration - the Northwest Passage, filled with mystery and adventure, and probably more stories of loss and failure than triumph. In the early days many died trying to discover it ...

There are no records of anyone having sailed the Northwest Passage solo and unassisted, as I was about to do. Even sailing it non-stop would be a first. But, as I made my approach, this so-called record had no bearing on my ambition to attempt it. This was a personal thing. A challenge, a dream, an adventure. This was what the trip was all about, and here I was at the entrance."

“Graeme, just finished your book. Incredible, inspirational... couldn't put it down!”

- Sir Graham Henry

“... this is a book to be savoured, to be read time and again.”

- Foreward by Dr Tom Schnackenberg OBE