This new product is born from the cooperation between Tecma and Tony Castro Yacht Design. A design team with engineers and designers from both companies has been created with the purpose of developing an efficient, compact and versatile toilet: a solution for boats ranging from 30 - 50 Feet in length. The Compass is the result of this research process. After a deep analysis, of many different yachts, waterlines and interior layouts, the best shell geometry has been designed to have the highest level of versatility and to fit everywhere. This model is available as short height version for installations where mounted on top of a raised step. The special geometry of the back-side allows an easy installation against both straight and angled walls.

The performance of the macerator pump meets all quality standards, while the technology inside the toilet has been further developed to keep the sound emission to the lowest level possible, while limiting the water and electrical consumption to minimal levels. The installation, plumbing and wiring is easy and fast, with virtually no maintenance. The toilet can be operated in combination with two different control panels: Eco rocker switch and Premium Plus. Also on board of: new 2014.

Weight 19.5 kg
Water Usage Per Flush: 0.5 - 2.7 Litres
Standard Optional
Color: White
Seat and cover: Thermosetting soft closing
Outlet pump: MAC 12v Electric
Inlet device: Solenoid Valve or Inlet pump
Control panel: Eco rocker switch

Length Overall: 485mm
Width Overall: 365mm
Base Length: 290mm
Base Width: 290mm
Height: 365mm

This is a discontinued item with limited stock available. Please contact the sales team for more information.

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