Ropeye SLR. These lightweight anodized aluminium rings are designed to keep the line securely inside the rings groove profile. SLRs are ideal for routing lines such as:
Jib in-haulers, twings, backstays, etc.
SLRs can also be added to Ropeye Pro Loops to allow it to operate as a fairlead.


SIZE 7 X 10
Outside Ring Line Diameter: 7mm
Internal Diameter: 10mm
Overall Width: 11mm
Overall Diameter: 24mm

SIZE 10 X 14
Outside Ring Line Diameter: 10mm
Internal Diameter: 14mm
Overall Width: 15mm
Overall Diameter: 34mm

SIZE 14 X 20
Outside Ring Line Diameter: 14mm
Internal Diameter: 20mm
Overall Width: 20mm
Overall Diameter: 46mm