01-1110-61 TracPort1000 Kit, 1000 mm. Extrusion, 2 end caps, 3 mounting feet, joiner, infill cut to length, screws and bolts for assembly.

The Backbone of your Engine Room or Storage Area!

RAILBLAZA’s TracPort™ ‘floats’ above engine room insulation, plumbing and wiring, providing a strong, versatile framework to hold battery switches, pumps, fuel filters, black boxes, and a lot more. TracPort is 100% StarPort compatible. You can add, move and remove items on TracPort conveniently, saving time and cost.

– TracPort can also add structure to your storage area allowing you to fit G-HOLDs to hold boat hooks, oars, paddles, spearguns, and fishing rods.
– Add hooks eyes or webeyes to allow you to hang wetsuits, store dive bottles and strap in equipment.
– Add, remove or shift around StarPort TracMounts or Mounting Pads to suit different applications.
– TracPort extrusions come in 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 m lengths, and are joinable. The Install Kit comes with mounting feet, bolts and endcaps.

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