Railblaza Kayak transducer mount without platform for head unit.

The transducer mount kit offers a unique advantage for kayaks or canoes that do not have a transducer scupper, now the transducer will be in the water giving a 100% true reading, rather than reading through the hull. If you need to get the transducer deeper in the water simply add an extension, if you’re entering shallow water the factory set friction joints will allow you to lift the transducer out of harm’s way.

The Kit can be completely removed with one click of the StarPort slide lock, protecting your sounder when in transport, when using the kayak for other activities or when you need to transfer the sounder to another kayak or canoe.

Construction Materials

UV stabilised fibreglass reinforced nylon
Locking Slides – UV stabilised PC plastic
Stainless steel fasteners

What You Get:

•Adjustable Knuckle joint (not available as a separate part)
•Fixed StarPort Extender
•Cheek mount adaptor (not available as a separate part)
•Cable ties
•Does not include platform

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