The RAILBLAZA G-Hold range holds varying sizes of poles, tools and bundles, like fishing rods, shovels, boathooks, grubbers, electric fence standards, oars, paddles, spearguns, you get the idea.
•Three diameters to choose from – 35, 50 or 75 mm (1.3, 2 or 3 in).
•They install in any RAILBLAZA StarPort.
•The flexible quick-release strap has two securing points for minimum and maximum diameters, providing strong retention.

RAILBLAZA Part Numbers:

G-HOLD 75mm (3?)

G-HOLD 50mm (2?)

G-HOLD 35mm (1 3/8?)

What you get:
1 x G-Hold
1 x Retaining Strap

Construction Materials

G-HOLD: UV stabilised AES plastic with UV stabilised TPE Rubber overmould
Strap – UV stabilised eurethane rubber

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