The Fillet Table II is injection moulded quality, rigid, and a convenient size of 525x350mm (20.8×13.8in).

Our design includes;
•Knife storage – at the back for safety
•An all-round drain that stops spill from the front
•No front lip to get in the way while filleting
•Easy-fit overboard drain, simply knock out the plug, and add a ¾in hose (not supplied)

The height can be easily increased by adding StarPort Extenders.

Fillet Table – UV stabilised PP plastic
Platform – UV stabilised fibreglass reinforced nylon plastic
StarPort – UV stabilised AES plastic
Gasket – UV stabilised TPE Rubber
Stainless steel fasteners

What You Get:
1 x Fillet Table/Bait Board
2 x Adjustable Platforms
8 x 12g x 20mm stainless steel screws

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