Now, your StarPort mounting system can either stand tall or bend over backwards to help you! StarPort extenders plug into any StarPort, and have the same star shape on top with a clever little lock.

The Fixed Extender gives you 125 mm (5 in) of clearance from the StarPort – perfect for raising RAILBLAZA’s Fillet Table – also an optimum distance for tight space requirements on kayaks or similar-sized craft.

The Adjustable Extender has two rotating R-Lock friction joints and a knuckle joint that tilts in 15° increments, the Adjustable Extender R-Lock adds great versatility. 

When coupled with one of RAILBLAZA’s large range of accessories, the Extender is a great addition to help keep hold of your emergency torch or fishfinder, or any number of useful items.

NOTE: Extenders increase the force applied to a StarPort, they are not designed to have heavy loads applied. Extenders must not be used with a rod holder for trolling.

Construction Materials

Extenders – UV stabilised fibreglass reinforced nylon plastic &
UV stabilised AES plastic
Locking Slide – UV stabilised PC plastic
Stainless Steel fasteners

RAILBLAZA Part Number:
What you get:
1 x Adjustble Extender R-Lock, length: 130mm (5.2?) overall,
gives 105mm (4.2?) of extension

RAILBLAZA Part Number;
What you get:
1 x StarPort Extender, length: 150mm (6?)overall,
gives 125mm (5?) of extension