RAILBLAZA Illuminate iPS – Portable Bi-Colour Navigation Light

    • Made in New Zealand
    • Battery powered – no wires required
    • Meets USCG 2NM standards
    • Fits all standard Railblaza Starports

There is a new, battery powered, port/starboard navigation light on the market, one that outshines all others! The iPS meets the required standards for a port/starboard navigation light for power and sailboats under 12 metres.
This light is great for use where cables can’t be run such as on some inflatables, as an emergency nav light, or on small, tiller steered vessels.
RAILBLAZA have made a bi-colour, or port/starboard light, and not a tri-colour for a very good reason, as their target market for this product is power boats under 12 metres in length.

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