Twin cored with a matt polyester cover. Easy to taper Excel Racing inner with low stretch Dyneema core.
Excel Taper is ideal for tapered spinnaker sheets. Remove the cover on the working section to save weight and keep the cover on the tail for easy handling.
Excel Tapers matt polyester cover is soft to handle and holds great in cleats.

Colour coordination, Easy to taper, Excellent UV resistance, Firm round rope aids handling, Good abrasion resistance, High strength, Low stretch, Soft and grippy.

Available diameters:
6mm, 9mm,

Termination options:
Spliced Eye,Stitched & Whipped Eye,

Excel Racing with 12 Strand Dyneema SK78,

16 Plait Staple Spun Polyester,

Control line tails,Spinnaker Sheets,