A cost effective option for those wishing to gain the low weight and low stretch benefits of Dyneema halyards and sheets. Easily spliced and tapered thanks to the sacrificial inner traction jacket, D2 Competition saves weight, which improves performance, safety and aids rope handling. Distinctive solid colour covers grip well in clutches and cleats making for a great all-round cost effective Dyneema upgrade.

Available diameters: 8mm

Termination options: Spliced Eye

Construction: 12 Strand Dyneema SK78,

Cover: 16 Plait Polyester,

Control line tails,Halyards,Out/Downhauls,Reefing Lines,Sheets,

easily spliced and tapered, Excellent UV resistance, Good abrasion resistance, Good chemical resistance, Good clutch and jammer performance, Good strength, Good UV resistance, Light weight, Low elongation, Zero water shrinkage.

Minimum Breaking Loads:
8mm – 1520kg
10mm – 2680kg
12mm – 4930kg

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