The MACS Flush Unit is used to inject MACS Ultrafilm fluid into the engines cooling system where it clings to the metal surfaces and prevents the build up of salt and mineral deposits. Can be used on most outboard engines as well as inboards, stern drives and jet skis.

Unlike simple venturi systems, the MACS Injector has two tubes, a long one for slow water feed and a short one for the uptake of premixed solution via the main water flow.

This has the following advantages:
•the Injector works consistently in all water pressures, flow rates and motor sizes.
•the Injector is unaffected by back pressure
•MACS Ultrafilm is already pre-mixed, before injection into the cooling system.

The unit also has these qualities:
•once assembled, the unit is virtually leakproof..
•the glass reinforced nylon body is indestructible.
•the polycarbonate bowl includes easy to read measurements

Ultrafilm Not Included

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