Loctite® 401™ Prism® instant adhesives apply for acidic surfaces such as chromate or galvanised surfaces. Designed for assembly of difficult-to-bond materials which require uniform stress distribution. Particularly suited for bonding a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and elastomers.

Product Features
•Resists temperatures up to 120 °C
•For rapid bonding of plastics, rubbers and metal
•For porous substrates such as wood, paper, leather, cork and fabric
•For acidic surfaces such as chromate or galvanized surfaces

Substrates and Applications
•Abrasive tips to metal-machine tools
•Stainless steel to carbon fiber
•Glass-filled polyurethane to steel
•Aluminum to rubber pads – Ladders
•PVC to EPDM rubber – Appliance consoles
•Urethane foam rubber to painted steel – Handle grips
•Paper to PVC – Packaging materials
•ABS to PVC – Vacuum cleaners
•Acrylic to PVC – Plastic fencing
•Braided sleeve to rubber – Hoses
•Synthetic rubber to ABS – Legs to equipment housings

Technical Data
•Fixture time: 3 – 10 sec.
•Colour: colourless transparent
•Suited for plastics
•Suited for polyolefines in combination with Primer Loctite 770 or Loctite 7239
•Suited for rubbers
•Suited for metals
•Well suited for porous and/or acidic surfaces
•Viscosity in mPa•s: 100
•Service temperature range: -40 °C to +120 °C

Quantity: 3 grams

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