Small Boat Flip-Flop blocks pivot around the line axis to keep the line close to the deck. Hinged construction allows for various lead angles.

Sheave Ø (mm)
75 mm

Sheave Ø (in)
3 in

Length (mm)
143 mm

Length (in)
5 5/8 in

Width (mm)
66 mm

Width (in)
2 5/8 in

Height (mm)
137 mm

Height (in)
5 3/8 in

Weight (g)
514 g

Weight (oz)
18 oz

Maximum line Ø (mm)
12 mm

Maximum line Ø (in)
7/16 in

Maximum working load (kg)
136 kg

Maximum working load (lb)
300 lb

Breaking load (lb)
600 lb

Maximum working loads and breaking loads for blocks based on cam strengths.