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CE Certified lightweight man-riding winch

The Harken Access Winch offers a powerful and lightweight solution for lifting, lowering, and holding loads in access, rescue and mobile applications.
using an action, similar to that used in cycling, one person can lift up to 500kg.

Unlimited line length
The winch’s self-tailing mechanisim allows a single person to safely winch an unlimited length of suitable-diameter rope.

Two handles
The double-handle configuration gives the operator a balanced stance providing greater efficency. Two different power ratios allow quick lifting of lighter loads and a greater mechanical advantage for heavier loads.

The Unique Radial grip maximises holding power and allows smooth, controlled lowering while helping to prevent overrides.

The hardkote anodised aluminium drum reduces weight while maintaining strength. Stainless steel and bronze in the mechanics of the winch make it strong, durable, and corrosion resistant.

The Harken Access Winch is CE certified EN13157 (Machinery Directive).

Max Load for Lifting and Pulling: 500kg
Weight: 4.1kg
Rope Diameter: 8-12mm

Simple to use and ideal in the most diverse applications.

The 40 Access Winch can mount to tripods, vehicle tow hitches and firmly anchored objects when used in conjunction with an appropriate mounting plate (Not Included). A single operator can raise and lower loads in a variety of applications, including; confined space and hatches (tripod mount), wind turbine t-piece davit arms, remote rope access, working at height and rescue (universal mounting plate) and offshore rigging.

Maintaining the winch is easy

Harken winches are designed for minimal maintenance. The winch should be washed with fresh water and periodically servicing, full details can be found in the product manual. The low-friction composte bearings do not require any lubrication.

Q: Is the Access Winch Certified?

A: Yes. The Harken Access Winch is CE certified under EN 13157 (Machinery Directive) to a maximum working load of 500 kg (1102.3 lb).

Q: Can the Access Winch be tripod mounted?

A: Yes. The Access Winch can be utilised in a variety of applications. Due to the variation of tripod constructions, mounting is achieved by using a compatible mounting bracket.

Q: Is the Access Winch suitable for human suspension?

A: Yes. The Access Winch may be used for human suspension when used in conjunction with the appropriate industry fall protection PPE.

2 persons/rescue - Max 280 kg/617.3 lb.

Q: What is the maximum line operating length?

A: The Access Winch can pull an unlimited length of line.

It allows for the use of lines with diameters 8–12.7 mm (5/16 - 1/2 "), including EN 1891 safety ropes (10 –11.5 mm (3/8 - 7/16 "). 

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