Originally designed in the early 1970s by Peter Bruce, the design was based on his other large-scale commercial anchors for fixed installations such as oil rigs and drilling platforms. The original Bruce Anchor and its copies have garnered a large following among boaters.

Due to its simple construction, the claw anchor is relatively inexpensive when compared to other styles of anchors. Being the shape of an open claw, the design intent was to allow the anchor to tip in any direction when it reaches the bottom and still be able to set properly.

This is possibly the last genuine Bruce anchor available new as they are no longer produced. ONLY ONE LEFT IN STOCK - Don't miss out!


  • -Stows easily on a bow roller
  • -High-strength one-piece design
  • -Sets quickly and reliably in most bottom types and resets well.
  • -works well in mud, sand and rocky bottoms
  • -works well in silt bottoms, may hold in rock
  • -Roll stabilized
  • -Inexpensive
  • -a reputation for not breaking out during wind/tide changes
  • -designed to withstand change of direction and pull, once the anchor is set, over a -range of 360 degrees
  • -perform relatively well on short scopes and set fairly reliably
  • -The Bruce anchor is designed to right itself, no matter how it lands on the bottom

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